The internationalization of Made in Italy is the business model adopted by Pedrollo Group, broadening and strengthening its presence in the five continents.

The companies carry out an intense commercial activity also through twelve direct branches:

Pedrollo France

Pedrollo Deutschland

Pedrollo US

Linz Electric Inc. United States

Pedrollo Polska

 – Pedrollo Hungary Kft

Pedrollo Romania

Pedrollo Gulf Fze Uae a Dubai

– Pedrollo Thailandia

Pedrollo s.a. de c.v. Mexico

– Pedrollo Guatemala

Pedrollo Colombia LTDA.

The Pedrollo brand is recognized globally as a synonym for excellence and today it represents a quality standard both for products and for service, with the awareness that growth depends above all on the ability to monitor and operate in the international markets.


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