For Pedrollo Group, innovation and quality are the driving force of a widespread development and the key elements to win the game of change through technology. The application of the outcomes of research to our processes and products makes our companies faster and more competitive, meeting the growing requirements of customers and contributing to the spread of growth and well-being.

We face the challenge of Industry 4.0 with the belief that the future lies in transforming corporate culture and production methods without giving up on one’s values, putting technology and innovations at the service of development and of an ethical vision of the economy.

Since over 40 years we have been setting the ambitious goal of constantly improving our performances. We do it through products which are outstanding for quality and service, business development at a steady pace, solid balance sheets allowing us to invest in automation and human resources, stable and growing employment, production in Italy.


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37047 San Bonifacio (VR) ITALY

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